Collections: Vintage Postcards from Europe

While unpacking boxes from Joan’s house, I discovered two fat paper sacks filled with vintage postcards from Europe. I’m not sure if Joan collected them on a trip to Europe to see my mother, or if my mother collected them while living in Europe. Either way, the colors are incredible and perfect for a Monday morning when the weather is so gloomy that I can’t stage a photo shoot without turning on every light in the house!


The Arco Naturale on the Isle of Capri


Top: Overlooking Florence, Italy. Bottom: Vienna, Austria.


Top: Venice, Italy. Bottom: Bridge over the Leidsegracht – Amsterdam, Holland.


Windmills and flowers in Holland.


Aren’t the colors brilliant? Which one is your favorite?

3 responses to “Collections: Vintage Postcards from Europe

  1. Many of these were collected during my tour with Up With People, but your Grandma also collected them on her trip with Sid after our wedding. Very lovely!

  2. Those are great–I couldn’t begin to pick one favorite! How nice to start the week with these (although our weather in upstate NY is gorgeous!)

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