Creating a DIY Ribbon Picture Hanger

I recently inherited my great-grandmother’s marriage certificate. In 1920, marriage certificates were so much more lovely than they are now! To top it off, it’s in a really nice old frame, so I knew I wanted to display it somewhere. However, the metal picture hangers were attached to the front of the frame and tied to them was a dingy piece of raffia. Not lovely at all! As the raffia didn’t fit the romance of the piece, I decided to use some vintage ribbon to create a new picture hanger. It was a very simple project that only took a few minutes!

Here’s how I did it:

– I found some really pretty ribbon that suited my frame and picture. It’s vintage pink satin that I picked up from an estate sale for a song. It complemented the marriage certificate perfectly.

-As the metal hangers were on either side of the frame, I knotted one end of the ribbon to one of the picture hangers two times. Before I pulled the knot tight the second time, I added a dot of hot glue for strength.

– I measured out the length of ribbon based on the size of the frame, how high I wanted my bow to be and how big I wanted my bow to be. Then I added a little extra ribbon to that (just in case) and cut it.

-I repeated my double knot on the other metal hanger, added my glue and cut the second ribbon, using my first ribbon as a guide.

-I decided how high I wanted my bow to be and tied a knot before tying my bow. Once I was sure it was centered, a good height and the perfect size, I untied the bow (but not the knot) and added a little dot of glue. Then I retied the bow, trimmed the ends and hung my picture!

This project is totally feminine and perfect for a bathroom, lady’s dressing area or little girl’s room. I can’t wait to hang mine this week!





2 responses to “Creating a DIY Ribbon Picture Hanger

  1. How lucky you are to have that treasure! And I think the approach you took with the ribbon is perfect–so consistent with the look of the certificate!

  2. So happy you have that honey, Nana would be so proud! It lived in the closet under the stairs in PV for all of my childhood. I remember looking in the closet and always being fascinated with the beauty of the pretty marriage certificate. Little did I know that one day my daughter would hang it in her home.

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